1. Intro to Legal Aid and Special Education (summary)
  2. What is Special Education? (summary)
    1. History/background (summary)
    2. Short explanation of the special education process (summary)
  3. How do I know my child qualifies? (summary)
    1. Child Find (summary)
    2. Evaluations (summary)
      1. Rules and Regulations Simplified (summary)
        1. Code of Federal Regulations for Initial Evaluation (summary)
    3. Notice and Consent for Initial Evaluation (summary) (form)
    4. Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MDT) Report (summary) (form)
    5. Independent Educational Evaluations (summary)
      1. Rules and Regulations (summary)
      2. IEE form letter (link)
    6. Re-evaluations (summary)
      1. Notice of re-evaluation/consent (summary)
      2. Notice no additional information needed for continued eligibility (summary)
    7. Eligibility
      1. Federal Rules and Regulations for Eligibility (summary)
      2. Nebraska State Advisory Eligibility Booklet (summary) (booklet)
    8. Response to Intervention (RTI) (summary)
      1. State information on RTI (link)
  4. Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
    1. Overview
    2. Rules and Regulations for an IEP simplified.
    3. What is an IEP? (summary)
    4. Who should be at an IEP meeting? (summary)
    5. How does the school make sure parents participate in the IEP process? (summary)
    6. When & how is an IEP is put into place (summary)
      1. What is considered in the development of an IEP? (summary)
      2. When is an IEP revised
    7. Common sense approaches to an IEP meeting (summary)
    8. Forms used at the IEP
      1. Notification of IEP meeting (summary)
      2. IEP SRS form (summary)
    9. Code of Federal regulations (IEP) (summary)
    10. State rules:Rule 51, Nebraska Administrative Code (IEP)
  5. Now that the plan has been developed, how do I know that my child is in the appropriate educational setting? (summary)
    1. Placement
      1. Code of Federal Regulations
      2. Notice of initial placement
      3. Notice of Change of Placement
    2. Free Appropriate Publice Education (FAPE) Overview
      1. Code of Federal Regulations for FAPE (summary)
    3. Extended School Year (ESY) (summary)
    4. Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) (summary)
  6. What happens when my child is ready to graduate? (summary)
    1. Rules and Regulations
    2. Forms for Transition
      1. IEP Form for Transition (summary)
  7. What if my child’s disability affects his/her behavior? (summary)
    1. Discipline Simplified (summary)
    2. Functional Assessment Form (summary)
    3. Code of Federal Regulation for discipline (summary)
    4. What if I don’t agree with the educational decisions concerning my child? (summary)
      1. Parent rights handbook (summary)
      2. Complaints (summary)
      3. Mediation (summary)
      4. Due Process Hearings (summary)
      5. Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Complaints (summary)
    5. Need more help?
      1. Nebraska Office of Special Education

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