In order to be more effective and proactive in assisting elders with their legal issues it is imperative for staff to be sensitive to the unique needs of the individuals they serve. Sensitivity to these cultural and ethnic issues is also important in not only the provision of legal services, but also for all help providers give. An over arching goal of Legal Aid’s ElderAccessLine® is to assist service provides in addressing cultural, economic, health and care-giving nuances among older adults who are African American, Latino, American Indian, New Comer, low- or non-English proficiency, or geographically isolated. Legal aid provides this toolkit with the intention of better serving our elderly clients from various backgrounds.

Cultural Competence Handout
Cultural Competence Brochure

A will is the legal declaration of how you want your property disposed of after your death.  A will should be thought of as one part of an estate plan, a plan which represents the culmination of a person’s life — his or her work, hopes and dreams. It is not easy to accumulate an estate in this day of high taxes, rising costs of living and of educating children. An estate represents what is left after a lifetime of work, and generally it is accumulated in the hope of passing on some measure of support to your family.

The best way to carry out your hopes and dreams is through careful estate planning. Your will is the most important part of an estate plan, and perhaps the most important document you will sign in your lifetime. It serves as a substitute for what you would do for your family if you were still alive.

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