Landlord and Tenant Handbook

If you are having a problem with your landlord, want to better understand your lease, or want to know more about your rights as a tenant, this Handbook will help explain Nebraska law governing landlords and tenants. These laws are complicated and can be confusing; so you should always call an attorney as soon as you begin having a problem with your landlord or receive court papers. The sooner you call an attorney the better.

The information in this handbook is not meant to substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you decide to send any of the notices or letters described in this Handbook, they must be put in writing and mailed to the landlord, preferably by certified mail, return receipt requested. You should keep a copy of the letter you send and the return receipt if you used certified mail, as this is evidence that you sent the notice. You should always keep a copy of any letter or notice you ever send to your landlord or any other person with whom you have a disagreement.

If you live in a mobile home (a trailer), the rules for landlords and tenants are somewhat different. You should consult with an attorney about those rules if you are having a problem with your landlord or have questions about your rights as a mobile home tenant.

If you live in public housing or receive a Section 8 housing voucher, other laws may apply. Please call Legal Aid of Nebraska’s AccessLine® at 1-877-250-2016 to apply for assistance.

If you are Native American and live on a reservation, or live in tribal housing, please note that other laws may apply. You can call Legal Aid of Nebraska’s Native American AccessLine® at 1-800-729-9908 to apply for assistance.

Landlord and Tenant handbook 2016


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