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Land Acknowledgement Statment

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Map provided by the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs depicting some of the tribal affiliations with the land currently known as Nebraska

Land Acknowledgement Statment

Legal Aid of Nebraska acknowledges that its statewide locations are currently on the homelands of Indigenous Peoples. 27 tribes have a connection to the land in what is currently known as Nebraska. We respect and are grateful for the stewardship and conservation of the land that these tribes have managed since time immemorial, and which continues today. Legal Aid recognizes that it is our responsibility as an organization to establish and maintain relationships with tribal citizens of these tribes and members of other tribes currently residing in Nebraska.

Through our Native American Program, which serves enrolled or enrollment eligible Native Americans with legal matters in state, federal, and tribal courts in Nebraska, we work to support Native Americans and tribal communities through legal assistance and representation.  We appreciate the partnerships we have with tribal nations in Nebraska, and recognize the responsibility we have to continue to listen to, engage with, and support Tribal Governments, Indigenous Peoples, and their inherent sovereignty.