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Disaster Relief

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Disaster Relief Project

Manager: Shirley Peng

The Disaster Relief Project provides information and legal assistance to victims of state-declared disasters that result from flooding, tornadoes and other natural disasters. The Disaster Relief Project has developed a network of volunteer attorneys across the state who will offer free legal assistance to victims of state-declared disasters. We also host disaster preparedness workshops and presentations for the general public and provide ongoing training and webinars for volunteer attorneys.

Common Legal Issues We Help With


Insurance Issues

Including submitting claims, avoiding public adjuster fraud, negotiating insurance settlements, and filing an appeal.


Housing - Renters

Including identifying your rights as a renter of a damaged unit, facilitating communication with your landlord, negotiating early termination of a lease, resolving issues with renter’s insurance claims, and recovering personal items from damaged rental units.


Contractor Fraud Issues

Including hiring a contractor and avoiding fraud, reviewing work contracts/estimates, obtaining proper work permits for repairs, passing city inspection, and recognizing and preventing predatory lending.


Government Benefits

Including applying for benefits and/or filing an appeal for denial of benefits, benefit award disagreement, or overpayment notices.


Housing - Owners

Including negotiating payments, understanding your options in real estate contracts, and obtaining disaster assistance.


Document Recovery

Including replacing lost documents (driver’s licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards, EBT cards, etc.) and replacing immigration documents.

How We Help:

We, with the help of pro bono attorneys, provide information, referrals, advice, self-help services, limited assistance and representation to qualifying low-income victims of state-declared disasters. The type of assistance we provide depends upon your situation, the legal issue and Legal Aid’s resources. Our services are free to those who qualify.

How to apply for Services:

Disaster Relief Hotline


Volunteer Information: