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Clean Slate

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Clean Slate Project

Manager: Muirne Heaney

Criminal and juvenile records create lifelong barriers to employment, educational, housing and other opportunities. Legal Aid’s Clean Slate Project focuses on helping people get dismissed criminal charges sealed, and convictions set aside or pardoned to help address barriers caused by having a criminal record. The project has a particular focus on helping young adults who have juvenile court records get those records sealed where possible.

Criminal records can be sealed if the underlying criminal charges were dismissed. Criminal records can be set aside if the defendant was sentenced to probation or ordered to pay a fine. Misdemeanor crimes can be pardoned three years after a sentence has been completed. Felony crimes can be pardoned ten years after the sentence was completed.

Common Legal Issues We Help With


Sealing juvenile court records for young adults


Setting aside criminal convictions


Sealing criminal court records


Pardons of criminal convictions

How We Help:

We provide information, referrals, advice, self-help services, limited assistance and representation to qualifying low-income individuals. The type of assistance we provide depends upon your situation, the legal issue and Legal Aid’s resources. Our services are free to those who qualify.

How to apply for Services:

Information and Forms

Information and forms for sealing and setting aside adult criminal records and juvenile records are available. Click to learn more.