Omaha’s Access to Justice clinic will be closed May 20th, May 21st and May 22nd due to construction in the office.

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Ag Workers Rights

The Agricultural Worker Rights Program helps ag workers in Nebraska.

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Clean Slate

The Clean Slate Project focuses on helping people get criminal records sealed, set aside or pardoned.

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Disaster Relief

The Disaster Relief Project provides information and assistance to victims of state-declared disasters.

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Farm and Ranch

The Farm and Ranch Project offers free services to farmers throughout rural Nebraska.

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Health Education and Law Project (HELP)

The Health, Education and Law Project seeks to address legal problems that have an overall impact on health.

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Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice Project provides attorneys to serve as Guardians Ad Litem.

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Housing Justice

The Housing Justice Project addresses the housing needs of low-income Nebraskans.

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Native American

The Native American Program provides free civil legal assistance to Native Americans in Nebraska.

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REACH Initiative

The REACH Initiative provides civil legal assistance to victims of elder abuse and financial exploitation, and survivors of domestic violence.

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Tax Law

The Tax Law Project educates about taxpayer rights and responsibilities.

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The UPLIFT Project provides legal services to four Lincoln community agencies that serve specific client populations.

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