Native American

Legal Aid of Nebraska provides advice, brief legal service and extended representation on matters filed in the Omaha, Winnebago, Santee Sioux and Ponca Tribal Courts, and in cases involving Native Americans and federal law.

Cases we normally handle:

  • Family Law including divorce, child custody and visitation, child support and orders of protection
  • Juvenile Law including child abuse and neglect, including cases involving the Indian Child Welfare Act and juvenile delinquency (filed in tribal courts only)
  • Criminal Law, limited to cases filed in tribal courts only.
  • Probate, Estate Planning, Indian Trust including wills, living wills, Power of Attorney, Tribal and BIA Probate (advice only) and minor and adult guardianships
  • Tribal Employment including wrongful termination and wage claims
  • Tribal Housing Law, including evictions
  • Tribal Education
  • Tribal Collections and Garnishments
  • Matters involving the Indian Civil Rights Act
  • Matters involving Public Law 280

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Legal Aid of Nebraska