Legal Aid has a long history of helping clients find housing security.  When a client with housing issues seeks Legal Aid’s help, typically, there are additional underlying legal issues that have led to the housing insecurity.  When a client is unable to pay their rent or house payment, our attorneys explore why they are facing this crisis and seek legal remedies, if available, to resolve the housing issue long term. Often we find clients are behind in their rent because of employment or income issues.  We then represent the client at an unemployment hearing, or help them obtain disability benefits.  We explore what other resources may be available to them to supplement their income, and then either provide referrals to partnering agencies to secure this assistance, or pursue legal remedies as appropriate.

Cases we normally handle:

  • Cases where eligibility for public housing or subsidized rent programs is threatened, or has been denied
  • Cases where you have more than a month-to-month tenancy, are facing the possibility of eviction, and have a defense
  • Unlawful evictions (lockouts, utility shutoffs by landlords, etc)
  • Cases where landlords are trying to terminate a tenant’s lease and evict them due to criminal activity by the tenant or someone in the tenant’s household.

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