Agricultural Worker

The Agricultural Worker Rights Program (AWRP) at Legal Aid of Nebraska works with any agricultural worker in Nebraska to assert their employment rights from advice and counsel through litigation. To qualify for our services, the worker must be a current or a recent employee in an agriculture area (defined below) but cannot be an owner of a farm. The employment can be seasonal or year-round, part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent. The program is open to all agricultural workers, including migrants, immigrants, non-immigrant foreign workers, and local workers.

The AWRP also provides outreach and education on these areas of law to agricultural workers, employers and service providers throughout the state. Outreach to the employees and some employers allows us to educate both groups about the various laws that many are unaware and create a better environment for all agricultural workers. The AWRP works with service providers, such as Proteus, CAPWN Migrant Health, the Nebraska Department of Labor and Migrant Education programs, in order to create a network for client referrals, holistic services, and outreach to communities we may not have met otherwise.


Agriculture areas covered by AWRP:

  • Livestock: cattle feed yards, ranches, swine confinement farms, aquaculture, buffalo, sheep and any other livestock raised for production
  • Dairy: cattle and goat
  • Poultry: meat and layer facilities
  • Crops: planting, harvesting, tilling and detassling
  • Nursery or greenhouses: production and retail
  • Biofuels: ethanol and biodiesel
  • Food processing: wine production and food products such as jerky, does not include meat processing

Types of issues litigated by AWRP:

  • Wage and Hour
    • Less than Minimum Wage: based on state or program requirements
    • Hours: lack of appropriate record keeping or less than contract requirement
    • Payment: form, timing and details
    • Salary v. Hourly
    • Overtime and exemptions
  • Harassment and Discrimination
    • Sexual
    • Title VII: race, religion, color, sex or national origin
  • Safe and Healthy Workplace
    • Pesticide exposure
    • Workplace injury
    • Appropriate water and restroom access
    • Employer-Provided Housing

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