Each morning, in homes across Nebraska, proud yet low-income families rise and spend another day struggling to make ends meet, to keep their children safe, to protect what little they have in the world — simply to keep it all together in the face of life’s curveballs and crises. It matters little whether they wake up in Omaha’s urban sprawl, in communities along the Platte River, or in the shadow of the Scotts Bluff National Monument. Having your home taken away, losing your children, seeing your small payday disappear, or being a survivor of domestic violence always causes strife. Legal representation with these challenges is often the only thing standing between a family’s efforts to see better days, or suffering a fall into deep poverty and a loss of hope.

For more than 50 years, Legal Aid of Nebraska has provided dignity, hope, self-sufficiency and justice through quality civil legal aid. That’s the important job of Legal Aid of Nebraska. Legal Aid is a problem solver, standing side by side with low income, diverse Nebraskans – enforcing laws, protecting rights, all the while addressing urgent needs and shining a light on what more could be done.

Legal Aid of Nebraska is a statewide organization and serves all 93 counties. We have over 80 employees in eight office locations in Omaha, Bancroft, Lincoln, Norfolk, Grand Island, North Platte, Scottsbluff and Lexington. As the only Nebraska civil legal aid provider offering our free services in every nook and cranny, we have a singular view on the realities facing Nebraska’s poor.

We proudly serve as the largest non-profit law firm in the entire state. We are here to deliver innovative, specialized programs in order to strengthen the community and aid those who have been pushed to the margins of self-sufficiency. Legal Aid helps Nebraskans press back. Our charge is to help clients regain their independence by providing legal representation, counseling and advocacy.

Legal Aid’s attorneys, paralegals and support staff assist poverty-stricken men, women and children with a combination of professional expertise and compassion.  Our clients come to us in crisis and we are here to provide them with assistance, information and encouragement.

Legal Aid makes Nebraska a better place for everyone to live and prosper, not just a few with a bit more luck and a lot more money. That’s a big job, but everyone associated with Legal Aid welcomes it. Because, in everything we do, for everyone in Nebraska: we make equal justice happen.

Legal Aid of Nebraska