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Legal Aid of Nebraska Welcomes Lia Bies as Newest REACH Staff Attorney

Lia Bies is Legal Aid of Nebraska’s newest staff attorney. She is involved in the REACH Initiative, which provides information and free civil legal assistance to victims of elder abuse and financial exploitation, and to survivors of domestic violence across Nebraska.


What brought you to Legal Aid? 

“I worked with Legal Aid quite a bit in my previous job with the Volunteer Lawyers Project and was so impressed with the incredible work that Legal Aid does day in and day out.  And on top of that, all of the people that I met from Legal Aid were kind and wonderful to work with.  When the REACH position opened up, I knew that the timing was right for me to make a shift in my career.”


What do you find most compelling about the REACH program?

“For so many Nebraskans, access to civil legal services is out of reach.  That is especially true in family law.  The REACH program is an incredible opportunity to help provide those much-needed civil legal services to survivors of domestic violence and other types of abuse.”


Where did you complete your law degree?

“The University of Nebraska”


What did you imagine yourself doing with your degree? 

“I knew that I wanted to use my degree to help people in some way, but I wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like.  I’ve tried a few different things along the way, but I’m thrilled to have ended up at Legal Aid of Nebraska.”


Who has inspired you the most in your career/legal journey?

“I’ve been lucky to have incredible women attorneys who have shared their time and skills and wisdom with me at every stage of my career.  Seeing what each of these women have done in their respective areas of law really has been inspirational.”


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

“I enjoy spending time outside with my kids and my dogs. I also enjoy starting knitting projects that I almost never finish.”


Thank you, Lia, for your dedication to making equal justice happen.




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