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Volunteer Spotlight: Patrick Runge, Runge Law Office LLC

We are thrilled to highlight Patrick Runge (Runge Law Office LLC)! Patrick has been handling PAI cases for Legal Aid of Nebraska since 2003 and has provided extended representation to clients who were survivors of domestic abuse in 43 different family law cases. Patrick has years of experience in tribal, state, and Federal court, protecting his client’s rights and helping to find practical and effective solutions to their problems.


What made you interested in working with Legal Aid of Nebraska and in helping our clients?

Nebraska’s motto is “equality before the law.” But this motto is meaningless if there are Nebraskans who can’t afford quality representation to protect their interests in court. Without Legal Aid, those people – the underprivileged who already face their struggles in society – would not have a chance to achieve true equality before the law in court. By working with Legal Aid, I get to use the power and privilege provided with a law license to help balance the scales of justice just a little bit in favor of those who really need it.


What do you enjoy about the work you do for Legal Aid of Nebraska and its clients? What makes you feel good/proud about making this part of your law practice?

Working with Legal Aid gives me an opportunity to meet and work with people I might not otherwise encounter in a private practice. It forces me to think through questions of how to support people with limited resources who are trying to do their best for their families. And it is immensely satisfying to know that at least part of my private practice is using my skills, training, and experience to help people who need it, and to provide a service to our community and to our system of justice as a whole.


What would you tell an attorney who has never volunteered with Legal Aid of Nebraska?

What are you waiting for? You get the opportunity to do some good in the world, to get experience in your chosen field of practice, and to have the support of the Legal Aid community of lawyers to help you. Sign up and pitch in, already!


Are you interested in participating in pro bono at Legal Aid of Nebraska? Send us an email at probono@legalaidofnebraska.org



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