What you need to know about the new stimulus plan

Learn how to receive your payment Discover how to protect your stimulus payment from garnishment Find out how to troubleshoot issues receiving your payment Last week, President Biden signed the American Recovery Act into law.  The bill is over 250 pages long, and we have condensed the part everyone is most excited about: the new stimulus payments! This provides much needed help for thousands of Nebraska families impacted by the pandemic. A qualifying individual will receive $1,400. A qualifying family of four will get $5,600 — providing the opportunity to meet basic needs and begin to build for the future. The new stimulus payments will be distributed in the coming days. Those first in line for payments will be ones who the IRS has bank account information for (much like with the last two stimulus payments). If you have entered your bank account information in previous tax filings to receive a tax refund, your stimulus payment will be deposited directly into that bank account. You will know that the IRS has your bank account information if you have received a tax refund in the last two years or one of the first two stimulus payments as a direct deposit. The IRS will … Continue reading What you need to know about the new stimulus plan