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Legal Aid of Nebraska always has something exciting just around the corner. Check out the links below to various news sources that have featured or reported on Legal Aid’s activities, programs/projects, events, services, or just about any other way we work to make equal justice happen.

CDC’s eviction moratorium protecting Douglas County renters
September 11, 2020 – WOWT 6 News

Trump’s moratorium on evictions draws praise from tenant advocates, concern from landlords
September 3, 2020 – Omaha World Herald

Farmers, ranchers can attend free confidential legal, financial clinics
September 2, 2020 – North Platte Telegraph

Evictions climb in Douglas County, as pandemic protections come to an end
September 1, 2020 – WOWT 6 News

‘Bracing for a wave of evictions’: Legal Aid of Nebraska attorneys prepare to help tenants
August 26, 2020 – KETV Newswatch 7

As Evictions Loom, Lawyers Are Gearing Up to Help
August 24, 2020 – The New York Times

Wave of evictions could come as CARES protection ends
August 18, 2020 – KMTV 3 News Now

Cooper Foundation awards 4th round of Rapid Response grants
August 7, 2020 – Lincoln Journal Star

Nebraskans dealing with eviction process find legal guidance in midst of pandemic
August 6, 2020 – KETV Newswatch 7

Evictions and Race in Omaha: New Study Draws a Connection, Offers Solutions
July 29, 2020 – Omaha Reader

New study links Omaha evictions to racial segregation and disparities
July 29, 2020 – Omaha World-Herald

Landlords Jump the Gun as Eviction Moratorium Wanes
July 23, 2020 – The New York Times

Many people being evicted because of coronavirus related issues
July 9, 2020 – Fox 42 KPTM

Last line of defense set to run out on renters hit hard by pandemic
July 1, 2020 – WOWT 6News

Judge dismisses evictions for first time in Nebraska under federal CARES Act
June 20, 2020 – KETV Newswatch 7

Time’s up: For most, eviction protections have expired
June 15, 2020 – KMTV 3 News Now

Evictions Return in Full Force, Advocates Worry about Increased Homelessness during COVID-19
June 2, 2020 – The Reader

A Portrait of a Pandemic: Rent Protections in Omaha Expire June 1st
May 29, 2020 – KIOS Omaha Public Radio

Tenant Assistance Project announced in Lincoln 
May 27, 2020 – 1011 KOLN/KGIN

What to know if you are facing eviction in Nebraska
May 26, 2020 – Fox 42 KPTM

New program seeks to pair more Lincoln renters with lawyers as city anticipates eviction increase
May 26, 2020 – Lincoln Journal Star

Lawsuit: Migrant workers hired to detassel in Nebraska faced substandard conditions
May 26, 2020 – Lincoln Journal Star

Woods Charitable Fund awards $1.8 million in grants
May 22, 2020 – Lincoln Journal Star

Renters scramble as Ricketts lifts halt on evictions.
May 20, 2020 – WOWT 6News

COVID-19 Has Created A Legal Aid Crisis. FEMA’s Usual Response is Missing.
May 11, 2020 – NPR

Renters raise concerns over possible eviction amid pandemic
May 1, 2020 – WOWT 6News

Organizations work to investigate missing, murdered indigenous women cases in Nebraska
April 15, 2020 – WOWT 6News

Payments Roll In: IRS rolls out first round of payments from the CARES Act
April 13, 2020 – FOX 42 

Judge says eviction docket in Lancaster County starting to drop off
April 8, 2020 – Lincoln Journal-Star

Evictions go forward ‘business as usual’ despite Ricketts’ order banning those linked to coronavirus
April 3, 2020 – Lincoln Journal-Star

Ricketts’ order could prevent some evictions, but housing advocates say they all should be stopped
March 28, 2020 – Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska renters impacted by coronavirus: Here’s a breakdown of your protections
March 27, 2020 – WOWT 6News

Nebraska court says it doesn’t have authority to halt evictions during coronavirus outbreak
March 23, 2020 – Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska housing advocates fear continued evictions could increase homelessness, disease
March 22, 2020 – Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska legal groups and housing advocates push for no evictions guarantee
March 20, 2020 – Fox 42

Legal groups request moratorium on eviction, debt collection cases in Nebraska amid coronavirus
March 19, 2020 – Omaha World Herald

State relaxes unemployment standards for workers affected by Covid-19
March 17, 2020 – The Reader

Federal Grant Supports Legal Aid in Flood Recovery Effort
December 30, 2019 – The Daily Record

LSC Awards $1.25 Million Disaster Relief Grant to Legal Aid of Nebraska
December 17, 2019 – Legal Services Corporation

Community leaders press North Platte for action on correcting substandard housing conditions
October 10, 2019 – North Platte Telegraph

Nebraska’s Rural Response Hotline Provides Hope and Help to Ag Families in Crisis
September 26, 2019 – Tri-State Livestock News

Legal Aid Honors Kutak Rock Among Equal Justice Awards
September 25, 2019 – Omaha Daily Record

2019 Seeds of Justice honoree: Legal Aid of Nebraska
September 19, 2019 – Nebraska Appleseed

Legal Aid receives grant for pro bono expansion
September 8, 2019 – North Platte Telegraph

Side-Stepping Scams
August 22, 2019 – Omaha Magazine

Nebraska farm credit mediation
August 20, 2019 – The Fence Post

Learning about local nonprofits and the services they provide our community
August 8, 2019 – NTV

To the Muddy Rescue and Beyond
May 1, 2019 – The Daily Record


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