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Free legal help hotline available for Nebraskans affected by COVID-19

COVID-19/Disaster Relief Hotline: 1-844-268-5627

Nebraskans who have questions or are experiencing legal problems due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 public health emergency now have an easy way to get legal advice and help.

The free COVID-19 Disaster Relief Hotline is available to Nebraskans affected by COVID-19 and in need of legal assistance. Hosted by Legal Aid of Nebraska, working closely with the Nebraska State Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP), this Hotline aims to make key legal assistance easy and accessible.

If you are a Nebraskan facing legal issues related to the virus, or the owner of a small, locally owned business (defined by less than 50 employees, not a franchise) that is currently closed, in risk of permanent closure due to the virus, and where the payment of fees would significantly deplete your resources, the Hotline may be reached at 1-844-268-5627.

After calling 1-844-268-5627, callers will be connected to the Hotline voicemail. Callers should leave their name, phone number, brief details of the problem and the assistance needed, and in what county they are located. Callers will receive a call back from experienced Legal Aid staff. Individuals and businesses that do not qualify for Legal Aid’s free services will be directly referred to the VLP. VLP will then work to place cases with Nebraska volunteer lawyers who will also provide free legal assistance.

The types of legal issues associated with COVID-19, and focused on by the Hotline, include:

  • Tenants with rent issues, including those facing eviction;
  • Debt problems, including debtors with garnishments or ordered to appear at a debtor’s exam;
  • Mortgage foreclosures, including advising on options for delinquent payments;
  • Unemployment insurance denials;
  • Employee rights, including sick leave and wage payments;
  • Government benefits available to low-income persons such as ADC, SNAP, AABD, and SSI;
  • Medicaid and medical insurance claims;
  • Drafting wills, health care power of attorney, and transfer on death deeds;
  • Domestic abuse and safety issues;
  • Elder abuse and exploitation;
  • Access to education; and,
  • Helping small, locally owned businesses with business and employment related matters, including human relations issues, unemployment benefits, and contracts.

More information on these legal issues, including ways you can directly help yourself, are available at

If you are a lawyer interested in volunteering your valuable time and expertise to provide legal help during this crucial time, please contact Laurie Heer Dale, Director of the Volunteer Lawyers Project, at




  1. Brandy Moore

    I am looking for information regarding child visitation after a Covid 19 Quarantine. Specifically the right to make up time with the child. If our current court order does not have a clause regarding this issue, what can be done to regain some parenting time that was missed.

    • Sam

      Legal Aid has opened its Disaster Relief Hotline for those with legal questions or legal issues related to COVID-19/Coronavirus. You can call the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Hotline at 1-844-268-5627.

  2. Gareth Schultz

    Absolutely no communication in 5 months

    • Sam

      Hi Gareth,
      Please call our ACCESSLINE® AT 1-877-250-2016.

  3. Loretta Moyers/ Michael Huddleston

    We need help, I’m on SS and my son is on disability. He recently went to the hospital in Scottsbluff to be Baker Acted. He was drunk and very stressed. We do not know why, but instead of giving him help with his mental issue the police took him to jail and charged him with a felony as a terrorist. His disability is for mental health issues. Is this something you can help us with.

    • Sam

      Please call our ACCESSLINE® at 1-877-250-2016.

  4. Traci Lottie

    Can my landlord turn off my central air unit due to none payment of rent


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