So you may be asking yourself, what are the juvenile record sealing laws in place in Nebraska?

Well for a charge to be eligible to be sealed you need to either have the case dismissed prior to adjudication, OR if you were adjudicated you need to complete probation satisfactorily.

Today’s post focuses on what happens if your charges are dismissed.   There are usually a couple scenarios where this happens.  Either you do something before trial such as, diversion, and the charges are dismissed.  Or the prosecutor decides not to move forward with the charges and they dismiss them before there is a trial.  If you have had either situation happen to you, your record is supposed to be automatically sealed.  Unfortunately, this is not always happening.  The consequence of not having these charges sealed include having it show up on a background check.  Therefore, a potential employer or landlord can see this on your record.  They could possibly use it as a factor in deciding not to hire you or rent to you.

On the positive side, there is a process to get these records sealed!  You can file paperwork with the court to request these records be sealed.  While you are always welcome to advocate for yourself, if you decide you need some guidance, you can contact Legal Aid of Nebraska’s Juvenile Reentry Project to see if you are eligible to receive services.  Otherwise, the link below directs you to the Nebraska Supreme Court Website.  This site can give you some help in requesting the court seal the dismissed record.

One additional thing to note.  If you do have a juvenile law violation and were adjudicated on some counts, but others were dropped/dismissed.  This is different than having the entire case dismissed.  So please be aware that a partial dismissal does not mean your record should have been automatically sealed.

If you have the above type of record don’t hesitate to reach out and see if you are eligible for assistance!  We always recommend at the very least checking your record.

Contact the Juvenile Reentry Project at or 402-416-9500

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