Every year, Legal Aid lucky to work with several bright law clerks and interns who help us provide quality civil legal services to those in need. We are proud to introduce these students who will help us fight to make equal justice happen.


Brigitta Bogue

Brigitta Bogue is a senior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and we are lucky to have her join us this summer working with our Disaster Relief Project. After learning about Legal Aid through an Environmental Studies class at UNL, Brigitta wanted to intern at an organization that shared her values on social justice and environmental issues.

Brigitta Bogue hopes to continue to chase her passions and pursue law school after graduation, eventually finding a career in environmental justice.

Fun fact about Brigitta: “In my free time, I like to play instruments such as violin, guitar, piano, mandolin, and drums.”




Kelsey Arends

Kelsey Arends will be a third year student at the University of Nebraska College of Law and joins us this summer as a clerk in our Health, Education, & Legal Program. Kesley heard about Legal Aid during her first year at law school while she learning about the Health, Education and Law Project. She found HELP to be an innovative program that connects Nebraskans with health issues to legal services they need, and became excited at the prospect of working there.

For Kelsey, she hopes to continue her work in helping others by pursuing a career in the nonprofit or public interest field after she graduates from law school next spring.

Fun fact about Kelsey: “Because of Shirley Peng at Legal Aid of Nebraska, I’m signing up for my first-ever triathlon this summer.”




Edward Diaz

Edward is third year law student at the Creighton University School of Law and joins us this summer as a clerk for our Omaha attorneys. Edward comes to Legal Aid after learning about us through the Public Interest Legal Foundation at Creighton.

After previously interning for a non-profit organization as an undergrad in college, Edward returns to the area of public interest because he believes “no one should feel helpless in any situation.”

It is a mission Edward hopes to continue after receiving his law degree, hoping to work in a non-profit either in Omaha or Utah.

Fun fact about Edward: “I played baseball in high school and look forward to returning to the field this summer with my friends in a summer league tournament. We will be called, Motion to Strike.




Lauren Ziegenbein

Lauren is an upcoming second year student at the University of Nebraska College of Law. She joins us this summer as a clerk in our Private Attorney Involvement department after learning about Legal Aid while interning for Immigrant Legal Center last summer. “I wanted to work for Legal Aid to help people who truly need help and who have nowhere else to go.”

After completing law school, Lauren hopes to pursue medical school and become a physician. From this position she hopes to use both her legal and medical skills to help bridge the gap between law and medicine.

Fun fact about Lauren: “I am scuba certified and it is one of my all-time favorite things to do. I have been scuba diving in the Caribbean and Roatan, Honduras for a total of approximately 35 dives.”




Lena Wolcott

Lena just completed her undergraduate degree and joins us this summer as a Development Intern. A veteran of the non-profit world, Lena heard about Legal Aid through her previous work at Lutheran Family Services. She is excited to continue her public interest work through grant writing and discovering how to “fund justice.”

After a semester of student teaching in Minneapolis this fall, Lena hopes to continue working with others (and paying off her student debt in the process) by teaching and grant writing.

Fun fact about Lena: “I have a plant named Akbar Don Louis who, despite my negligence and incompetence as a plant owner, has managed to not only survive but flourish.




Yvonee Kaburu

Yvonne Kaburu is a senior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and she joins us this summer as an intern in our Health, Education, & Law Program.

For Yvonne, the chance to intern at Legal Aid is helping shade her future career path. On wanting to intern with us this summer, Yvonne said she pursued this opportunity because it offered her a, “first-hand glimpse of what attorneys truly do so I could become more confident in wanting to become an attorney.”

Fun fact about Yvonne: “I have hypermobility in my arms.”





Zach Hadenfeldt

Zach is a second year law student at the University of Nebraska College of Law and he joins us this year as clerk in our Native American Program. After hearing about Legal Aid on campus last year, Zach looked into the work Legal Aid offers to communities across Nebraska and decided he should apply.

It is this type of work that Zach hopes to pursue with his law degree after graduation, hoping to work at a non-profit organization or a government agency.

Fun fact about Zach: “I like to cook. I frequently mess up, but sometimes things turn out pretty well.”





Kimberly Barton

Kimberly Barton is a second year law student at the University of Nebraska College of Law, and joins us a clerk with our REACH program in our Grand Island office as a Rural Summer Legal Corps fellow.

Serving as a clerk has allowed Kimberly valuable firsthand experience in proving help to those who need it most. This experience comes after three years spent volunteering in at a domestic violence shelter, leading Kimberly to find out about the legal issues survivors face.

Kimberly hopes to make this work a career, but for her, her focus is on passing the Nebraska bar exam first.

Fun fact about Kimberly: “I have a twin brother.”




Shannon Seim

Shannon is a third year student at the University of Nebraska College of Law, and this summer, she joins Legal Aid as clerk in our Health, Education, & Law Program. Her desire to come join Legal Aid started with a previous internship helping refugee families prepare for school in the U.S. and during her time there, would occasionally refer clients to Legal Aid.

“I saw what an amazing job the Legal Aid team did helping people and went to law school so I could help people like that too.”

After getting her law degree, Shannon plans on continuing her selfless work of helping others, hoping to work at the intersection of families and mental health.

Fun fact about Shannon: “My last name rhymes with time.”


Evelyn Mercado is a junior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and joins us this summer as an intern in our Access to Justice Center in our Lincoln office.

The Grand Island native originally heard about us through the Internship Coordinator in the School of Criminology at UNL. Evelyn knew Legal would give her an unparalleled experience that would help her pursue her goal of attending law school after graduation.

“I wanted to intern here so I could get more knowledge and first-hand experience working with clients and attorneys.”

Fun fact about Evelyn: “I lived in Houston, Texas for about two years.”


Annie Christenson is a senior at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and she joins us this summer as an intern in our Juvenile and Access to Justice departments. Our very own Abby Johnson helped Annie discover Legal Aid and guided her to an internship with us.  

Abby said she appreciated the work that Legal Aid did for the Nebraska community, and after graduating with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, she hopes to continue her work this summer and work for a nonprofit legal organization.  

Fun fact about Annie: “I am terrified of gorillas (King Kong, Planted of the Apes, etc.)”


Joanna Uden is a third year law student at the University of Nebraska College of Law and joins us this summer as a clerk in our H.E.L.P. Project. She learned about Legal Aid through her friend who clerked for Legal Aid last summer and decided to pursue a clerkship with us after learning about the work of the H.E.L.P. project from our attorney Jayne Wagner.

Through Legal Aid’s efforts to help Nebraskans in need, Joanna knows this opportunity is special. “I am very passionate about healthcare and my clerkship allows me to aid in the resolution of clients’ legal issues with an intention of indirectly improving their health.”

After graduation from law school, Joanna hopes to continue her work in healthcare by pursuing a career in healthcare compliance with the ultimate goal of working in healthcare administration.

Fun fact about Joanna: A passionate swimmer, she has taught swimming lessons for over 10 years.




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