When is an IEP revised?


This video covers when an Individualized Education Program (IEP) should be revised. An IEP should be revised annually – once per year, you''ll usually receive a form notifying you that an annual IEP meeting will take place soon. However, if you (the parent), a teacher, a doctor, or other service-provider have a concern that should be considered immediately, the IEP can be revised as many times as necessary, provided that all parties agree that an evaluation of the IEP (and possibly, your child) should happen. If your child is not meeting the benchmarks set out by the IEP, you should ask that the IEP be evaluated or revised. If your doctor sees that your child has another condition that is not currently addressed by the IEP, you should also ask that an evaluation or revision take place.  There are numerous reasons for assking for a new IEP.  Use your discretion or ask your case manger whether a new IEP meeting should be held.

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