The Migrant Project

 The Migrant Project offers a full range of legal services to migrant workers via Legal Aid offices across the state.  Working in collaboration with Proteus, Inc., the Nebraska Department of Education Migrant Head Start, the local UNL Extension Offices, and the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska, migrant workers with legal issues are identified and referred. These entities have devoted energy to improving the level of education and outreach in migrant communities, particularly to migrant farm workers.

Legal Aid also can help those individuals who were formerly agricultural workers within the past two years under this Project.  An agricultural worker is defined as working in the agricultural industry in the production of crops, dairy products, poultry and livestock, nursery and greenhouse production, and work in vineyards; and the food processing industry such as fruit and vegetable canning, and meat and poultry (animal) slaughtering and processing.

Legal Aid can assist migrants and agricultural workers in a broad range of civil matters such as wage claims, unemployment benefits, worker’s compensation claims (we have private attorneys on board for direct referrals), medical care issues, food stamps, housing issues, debt collection, discrimination,  education issues and family law issues.  Legal Aid does not handle criminal or immigration matters.

Migrant Handbooks and Resources

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