If you have been hurt, threatened or assaulted and fear for your or a family member's safety, you many need a Protection or Harassment Order. A Domestic Abuse Protection Order is for people who have been in a close relationships (relatives, spouses or former spouses, people who have lived or are living together).  It is granted because someone attempted, threatened, caused bodily injury, or intimidated the other person by physical threat.

A Harassment Protection Order does not depend upon relationships, but requires a number of telephone or personal contacts that seriously terrify, threaten or intimidate the victim and serve legitimate purpose. 

Below you will find a number of resources to help victims of abuse and harassment.  Please note, some of these resources are not maintained by Legal Aid of Nebraska. 

Protection from Domestic Abuse or Harassment Automated Court Forms By following this link you will be directed to a complete set automated court approved forms needed to obtain a Protection Order from Domestic Abuse or a Harassment Order

Map of Nebraska's Network of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Programs, including shelters.

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