Legal Aid responds to the Fremont Ordinance Vote

Legal Aid of Nebraska provides free legal services in civil cases to low income Nebraskans. We understand that the vote approving the anti-immigration Ordinance in Fremont will result in an increase of civil legal needs in that area. The Ordinance creates a wide net which will affect both lawful residents as well as struggling New Americans who, for a variety of reasons, do not have legal status in the U.S.

Even if pending legal challenges to the Ordinance are successful, we expect that some will respond to the passed Ordinance as if it was already in effect and begin enforcing it, which will impact the lives of people who are struggling to work, live, and raise their families.

Legal Aid can represent "undocumented" people in civil cases when the person is a victim of domestic violence or otherwise is covered by the "Kennedy Amendment" to the Legal Services Corporation Act. Legal Aid can also represent people who do have status in the U.S., even if the status is temporary (like under a pending U-Visa).

If you need help and are unsure whether we can help, please call our AccessLine® at 877-250-2016. If you only speak Spanish we have fluent Spanish-speaking paralegals who can talk with you and figure out if we can help you. If you only speak a language besides Spanish and English, we use the excellent LanguageLine service which allows us to speak with you without much delay.

Remember: if you call us, it is totally confidential, because a call to an attorney establishes "attorney-client privilege," even if we conclude that we can't help you with your case. Also remember that Legal Aid is a non-profit law firm. We are not the government and we have no obligation to report the substance of our calls to anyone.

Thank you. Legal Aid is there for you, for those "who have nowhere else to turn."


Posted: June 23, 2010