Law School Students

Legal Aid of Nebraska (LAN) is dedicated to helping Nebraska’s most needy and vulnerable citizens with civil legal services and accessing our systems of justice by providing a range of legal assistance to senior citizens, victims of domestic abuse, Native Americans, migrant workers and those living in poverty across the State.  Divorce, custody, protection orders, simple wills, landlord/tenant issues, bankruptcy/debtor issues, public education, and assistance with public benefit denials or reductions are among our substantive areas of practice.

LAN offers a number of opportunities for law students to assist LAN staff attorneys address the immediate civil legal problems facing clients in poverty.  Law students perform a variety of duties at LAN depending on their experience and the needs of LAN attorneys.  Duties may include client interviews and case investigation; drafting of pleadings, legal research, drafting of memoranda and briefs, and court representation in county and district courts under the supervision of a LAN attorney for eligible students pursuant to Neb. Ct. R. §3-701 et seq.   Law Student opportunities are typically unpaid unless the student comes with his/her own funding source.

Legal Aid of Nebraska