Welcome to the launch of the Juvenile Reentry Blog!  We hope to bring youth across Nebraska information to help them advocate for themselves and move forward with tools that will help to ensure they have the best chance of success in the future!

The Juvenile Reentry Project (JRP) was created in part to help deal with the collateral consequences youth experience  when they are involved with the Juvenile Justice System.  The JRP mainly deals with issues such as record sealing, housing, and education.  However, the JRP may deal with other civil legal issues that stem from a youth’s involvement with the Juvenile Justice System.

Have a Juvenile Record? Are you under the age of 24?  If so, find out how the Juvenile Reentry Project can potentially assist you! Check out the following attachments!

Sealing Postcard

Sealing Brochure

Juvenile Reentry Flyer

Legal Aid of Nebraska

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